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Terrible battery life, cracked screens !?

What do people do with their old phones?

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Most people who’ve held phones for over one to two years absolutely cannot wait to see the back of them. Terrible battery life, cracked screens, spells of intense heat radiation, taking an eternity to launch a single app – most of us have dealt with these irksome troubles.

Interestingly enough, these issues build up and come to a crescendo just in time for the release of a sparkling new model of said phone, complete with functions that quite simply dwarf its predecessor. That is not to say most people then purchase the ever increasing, already exorbitantly priced new models, but rather that the immaculate timing of these releases somewhat deflates the perceived capabilities of the current model.

This coupled with the niggling issues users already face often leads to the purchase of a new phone at the very least, begging the question; What do people do with their old phones?

More often than not, they become hand-me-downs or get sold off for mere fractions of what they were bought for. These are reasonable but perhaps not the most efficient way to use them. We at PowerData2Go have compiled an exhaustive list of ways to utilize your old phones in ways that you couldn’t have dreamed of.

Cracked Screen

Cracked screens are one of the biggest existing issues for the average smartphone user today. A cracked screen is often one of the main harbingers of a brand new phone.

Surveillance camera

More into travel? Looking for a more practical use for your spare phone? Perhaps you could try using it as a baby monitor or a house surveillance camera! There are several apps in the market that allow you to stream surveillance feeds from your home to the comfort of your hotel or office. Manything and IP Webcam are two examples of such applications. Never have to worry about taking that weeklong business trip again.

Dedicated car music player

As opposed to passing it down or selling it off, a fine alternative would be to use it as a permanent fixture in the family car. With the commodity of AUX cords and instant Bluetooth connectivity, hooking your phone up with the car stereo system has never been easier. Why not take it to the next level and introduce the ease and convenience of picking and choosing songs you like, with a sleek disposition for good measure.

Spare iPod

If you don’t own a car, perhaps the aforementioned option isn’t exactly the most appealing to you. Fret not as we have something just as neat for you. Why not try using it as a dedicated iPod? By limiting its functions to a minimum, the cracked screen will hardly bother you anymore. So sit back, relax and plunge yourself into your playlists without having to worry about whether or not to bring a powerbank the next time you want to listen to music!

Having a dysfunctional camera is a major handicap for smartphone users. Despite the clear inconvenience that comes with this ailment, there are still extremely efficient ways you can use your phone.

I think just about everyone has experienced the toils of having to print out pictures, frame them and find pockets of space around the house to put them up. Never, ever put yourself through that kind of suffering again by simply digging up the old phone and making it into a dedicated, high-definition digital photo frame. Simply get a standing display and download Dayframe or Picmatic to get started. Display all your favourite family photos from that beach getaway in Krabi with minimal effort.

Dedicated gaming device

More into gaming? How about converting your spare phone into a dedicated, exclusive gaming device? Choose for a vast array of simulator apps that will allow you to play retro PC games, Nintendo games and so much more; all without having to worry about conserving battery life. Apps like GBA4iOS and Dosbox Turbo should definitely be on your to-try-list. There are even apps that allow you to hook your PlayStation and Xbox remotes up to your phone, further optimizing your gaming experience.

Vehicle tracker

For car owners a great option would be to use their phones as car trackers. Again, there are several applications available in the market to facilitate this function, such as Honk or ParKing Reminder. These applications allow users to track their cars geographically in real time. Users take advantage of this to track where their cars have been parked. This comes in very handy in large, overcrowded parking spaces. These apps also come with timer functions that allow users to factor in the amount of time they are allowed to park their cars in these lots.

Poor battery life

Another recurring issue for long-time phone users is the degradation of its average battery life with time. Speaking from personal experience, this issue is one of, if not the most vexing issue one can have. With battery percentages taking steep drops and your phone running out of power unexpectedly.

Sleek travel clock

Any frequent flyer has experienced the pains of jetlag and getting the time-zones all jumbled up. Phone’s indeed come with functions that automatically calibrate your clocks to the local time of said country, however travellers never fail to mix it up sometimes. This is particularly common in countries operating on time zones that are just ever so slightly different. What we suggest is that you download apps such as FlipClock and Kaloer Clock dedicate your spare phone to being a neat, handy and extremely sleek clock exclusively for your travelling endeavours.

Universal remote

Any tech-geek or gamer would undoubtedly jump at the chance to own a universal remote. Well here’s the next best thing; converting your spare phone into one. Applications such as Dijit and Anymote allow you to easily transform your phone into a single, multi-faceted device capable of controlling things from your TV set to your air-conditioner. This is an extremely practical way to use a device crippled with poor battery life given how much battery using it to serve this purpose actually requires.

Car dashboard camera

A fantastic option for you, especially if you are a car owner, would definitely be using your phone as a dashboard camera. Again, many apps that accommodate such functions are available in the market. Simply hook your phone up with a power bank or your car phone charger and fixate it there as your permanent, high-definition dashboard camera. Autoboy dashcam or Car Camera.

If all else fails….

Should you feel that all of the aforementioned option are not things that would interest you, or simply that your phone wouldn’t be capable of supporting any of those functions, recycling your phone’s battery or donating your phone to a charity would be great options. Some of these options include Donate a 3G phone to migrant workers and City Square Mall E-Waste recycling programme.

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