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Travelling with a Company Phone

- more of a Distraction than a Privilege?

· corporate travel

Ah, the perks of travelling for work—visiting new countries, meeting new people, and learning about new cultures, among many others. Sounds really, really exciting, doesn’t it? However, while that may be true, work-related travel still has a business-first approach and poses a challenge to staying connected and productive.

Many businesses offer work phones to their employees so they can still get work done and make quick decisions even when they’re on foreign soil. However, a company-owned phone also comes with several practical considerations and factors that require planning in order for you to achieve work efficiency and productivity even while travelling.

So, are company phones useful or are they really more of a distraction?


Company Phones: The Perceived Advantages  

Customers and co-workers need quick responses in today’s digital age, and smartphones help make this possible—a definite positive especially for business development executives and employees tasked to close sales transactions. When travelling, being accessible to your colleagues, superiors, and clients via your business phone is essential because they might want to know where you are or what you are working on.

Company phones also offer the possibility to cut business connectivity costs. Instead of reimbursing an employee for their personal smartphone costs which can differ significantly between users, business owners can offer them a company phone instead. Through negotiations and a careful evaluation of the employees’ phone habits, a company can settle for a business plan which can help cut phone expenses.

Businesses which give employees work phones are also able to better manage their regulatory data protection requirements. They often stick to a single mobile platform and retain access to company SMS, emails, and data.

However, a Company Phone Can Also Be a Distraction

Convenience is a major issue with work phones. Employees will have to travel with at least two handsets—the company phone and their personal phones, especially since the former will have restricted access outside of work-related online platforms. Juggling around two or more phones is a skill not for the careless and light-hearted.

While the company will pay for your business roaming fees, you still need to sort out roaming options for your personal use. Since you’re in another country, you’ll have to take into consideration buying a new SIM card or subscribing to a short-term data plan once you land. This can lead to unexpected expenses if you’re not aware of data usage prices and regulations in that country.

There are other struggles associated with travelling with a separate company phone. Since you have more than one handset, you’ll also have to bring a charger for each if they run on different operating systems. The contacts in your phones may not be in sync as well, resulting in additional inconveniences. You also probably won’t be able to access certain websites or digital services on your company phone and need to enable an overseas mobile data plan for all your handsets, leading to more expenses.

Of course, let’s not forget the importance of data security. Employees who connect company phones to public hotspots are definitely prime targets for hackers, putting confidential business data at risk.

An Innovative Solution

Fortunately for CFOs, HR and IT Managers, business owners, and frequent work travellers, there’s an innovative solution that provides secure data continuity abroad without the struggles of having a separate company phone.

PowerData2Go is a pocket-sized device that lets you stay connected via Wi-Fi overseas, without having to change your phone number. It enables employees to connect with co-workers and clients at a daily flat free that’s both predictable and more affordable than Wi-Fi rentals and corporate travel data plans. You’ll also be able to make and take calls without roaming charges. And since you’re connecting to your own Wi-Fi hotspot, rest assured your connection is secure. PowerData2Go also doubles as a power bank, adding even more convenience.

Ready to get travel connectivity issues out of your way? Get in touch with us today to know more.

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